Skitour Obertauern bei Sonnenaufgang am Gipfelkreuz
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A Salzburg winter adventure

When winter covers Obertauern in glistening snow, this Austrian mountain region is transformed into a true paradise for experienced ski tourers. Away from the well-prepared pistes and the hustle and bustle on the slopes, unspoilt landscapes and majestic peaks are just waiting to be conquered by adventurers. It also gives you the opportunity to take a short power nap in your room before heading back out onto the slopes full of energy. But that’s not all, right after breakfast you’ll be in pole position again and the first to hit the freshly groomed slopes.

Ski area

Routes in Obertauern

Before you set off on a ski tour, it is important to find out all you can about the tour.

The Koch ski school will be happy to inform you about recommended tours and current conditions.


Ski touring - far more than just sport

Ski tours in Obertauern are much more than just a sporting activity. They are a journey into the silence of snow-covered nature, an opportunity to escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in the beauty of the mountains – an intensive form of self-discovery. As you climb the mountain, your confidence in your own abilities grows. The sheer endless expanse of the Alpine panorama broadens the horizon and leaves the worries of everyday life behind in the valley.

The feeling of freedom

Once you reach the summit, nature rewards the ascent with breathtaking views. The majestic peaks of the Tauern rise up proudly, while deep below the snow-covered village of Obertauern lies quietly in the winter landscape. A feeling of freedom and fulfillment flows through the soul.

But the descent is the highlight of every ski touring adventure. You glide down in fresh powder snow. Feelings of happiness fill your heart as you make tracks in the snow and enjoy the freedom of the mountains to the full.

Afterwards, you return tired but fulfilled to the cozy atmosphere of the Hotel Koch in Obertauern. Reward yourself with a hot chocolate and a rum caramel liqueur.

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Close to nature
Respect for Salzburg's nature

Make sure you respect the environment and leave no trace behind. Take your garbage with you and abide by the rules and laws of nature conservation in the region.

Tour options in Obertauern

In Obertauern and the surrounding region, there are numerous ski tour options covering various levels of difficulty. Popular destinations are summits, huts or vantage points from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains.

Skitour Obertauern bei Sonnenaufgang am Gipfelkreuz

Find out about recommended tours and current conditions at the Koch ski school.

The team at the Circle sports store next to our Hotel Koch will be happy to provide you with information about equipment.

Zwei Frauen beim Anstieg während einer ihrer Skitouren in Obertauern

Experience and training

If you are new to the world of ski touring, you should consider attending a ski touring course or being accompanied by experienced ski tourers. It is important to master the basic techniques of ascent and descent and to learn how to read avalanche situations.

Ski tours in Obertauern offer an intensive experience of nature and the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the mountains away from the groomed pistes. However, always think about your safety and plan your tours carefully to ensure an unforgettable experience.


Ski tours Obertauern - fascination in breathtaking nature

Ski touring in Obertauern is not just a sport, it is a passion, a connection to nature and to yourself. They are an invitation to experience winter in all its glory and enjoy the tranquillity of the mountains. Once you have experienced the fascination of these adventures, you will return again and again to climb the snow-covered peaks and breathe in the freedom of the Alps.


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