Ein Mann beim Langlaufen Obertauern
Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Obertauern

Pure fascination

A winter fairy tale for cross-country skiers on narrow skis

In Obertauern, the landscape away from the groomed pistes is wildly romantic and magical. Snow-covered fir trees, glistening mountain peaks and snow as far as the eye can see on seemingly endless cross-country ski trails. Cross-country skiing is also known as a gentle sport, but cross-country skiers know that although you glide along gently at times, it can also be strenuous. But the sport and exercise are intentional and do you good, and the snow-covered winter landscape of Obertauern rewards your efforts.

The trails in Obertauern are far more than just groomed routes; they are deserted paths in the silence of nature. The narrow skis glide silently over the immaculate, firm snow and your breath forms little clouds in the crystal-clear winter air. The rhythmic and gentle glide of the skis conveys a feeling of peace and freedom. Quite different from the fast, noisy skiing on the slopes of Obertauern.

Ski area

Cross-country ski trails in Obertauern

  • World Cup trail Obertauern
  • Hundsfeld trail at the Obertauern sports center
  • Gnadenalm trail – fantastic high-altitude trail in Obertauern at 1350m above sea level
  • Twenger Au cross-country ski trail (the longest trail at 23 km)
  • Taurach cross-country ski trail (between Untertauern and Radstadt)
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Après-cross-country skiing

in Obertauern

Numerous cozy huts await hungry and thirsty guests along the trail. A hot chocolate or mulled wine is the perfect end to a successful day of cross-country skiing.

The right trail for everyone

Cross-country ski trails for every level

Obertauern offers trails for every level. Beginners can gain their first experience on the flatter routes, while advanced and professional skiers can take on the challenges of the more demanding routes through idyllic valleys and past frozen lakes. No matter which route you take, the majestic mountain scenery is your constant companion and offers breathtaking views.

Cross-country skiing is not just a sport, but a connection to nature and to your own inner peace. The rhythmic movements have a calming effect and allow you to leave the stress of everyday life behind. Here you will find time to reflect, pause and enjoy the silence, which is only interrupted by the occasional bird call and the crunching of the snow.

Langlaufen durch die verschneite Natur Obertauerns

After a long cross-country skiing tour, you can stop off at one of the rustic huts or inns scattered along the trails. Here, hot drinks and hearty meals warm body and soul. Swap stories with other cross-country skiers and share the joy of an active day in the glorious winter splendor of Obertauern.

Ein Paar genießt das Langlaufen in Obertauern

Cross-country skiing in Obertauern is more than just a sport – it is an experience that captures the beauty of winter in all its splendor. It is a journey into silence, a connection to nature and a way to discover the joy of movement in harmony with the winter landscape. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, cross-country skiing in Obertauern leaves you with unforgettable impressions and invites you to experience the magic of winter on narrow skis.

Cross-country skiing
Obertauern has one of the longest cross-country ski trails

One of the longest cross-country ski trails in Salzburger Land, with over 23 kilometers, is here in Obertauern: the Taurach cross-country ski trail. It connects the villages of Tweng and Mauterndorf. The boarding points: Franzenbauer in the center of Tweng, at the timber yard in Tweng Lantschfeld, opposite the Purnbauer in Vordertweng and at the Maly bus stop.

The right equipment

Equipment for cross-country skiers in Obertauern

In Obertauern, you can hire the necessary cross-country skiing equipment conveniently on site at the Circle sports store in Obertauern if you don’t bring your own. You have the choice between classic skis and skating skis, depending on your ability and desire, each type of cross-country skiing has its advantages and disadvantages.

World Cup feeling in Obertauern: Biathlon

The next step up from cross-country skiing is biathlon – one of the most exciting sports of our time. Those who used to only watch on TV can now experience and try out biathlon live and for themselves – here in Obertauern. A newly equipped facility in the area whets the appetite for this trendy sport.

3 Hobby Langläufer auf deiner Loipe in Obertauern

Cross-country skiing in Obertauern offers a unique opportunity to experience winter nature in all its splendor on the cross-country ski trail . It is an activity that brings body and mind into harmony and awakens the joy of movement in the clear mountain air. Immerse yourself in the magical world of cross-country skiing in Obertauern and be enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings.


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